Engage Carol as your personal executive branding consultant

Here’s how Carol works with executives:

  • 1 — Interview with Carol

    •  Carol provides deep listening from the onset, capturing your unique business story.

  • 2 — LinkedIn settings review

    •  Carol works with you to ensure that your LinkedIn settings are not causing you to inadvertantly broadcast unintended signals or other information.

  • 3 — Carol drafts your authentic business story

    •  Carol creates a framework for your story using her communications talent to ensure that your authentic story is told, aligning key words with your Personal Brand.

    •  An important result is a powerful summary statement for your profile that concisely captures and conveys your Personal Brand.

  • 4 — We populate your LinkedIn profile

    •  Carol works side-by-side with you to ensure your Personal Brand story is effectively populated into your LinkedIn profile.

    •  This is done in a way that avoids inadvertantly broadcasting intermediate changes to your profile.

  • 5 — Living your Personal Brand by creating a consistent social footprint

    •  Once your Personal Brand story is complete, Carol helps you understand the inner workings of LinkedIn so you can continue to use this powerful platform to your best advantage.

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What people are saying about
Carol’s executive coaching:

“Anyone in need of some tips or assistance in elevating their LinkedIn profile or personal brand should talk with Carol. She possesses deep domain knowledge on how to maximize utilization of LinkedIn and is very easy to work with. Most of all, she goes beyond the “job” and takes a personal interest in helping her clients to succeed. These attributes make her a fantastic LinkedIn coach. I highly recommend her.”

Eric Bosler, Chief Financial Officer at Zipnosis

“Explaining yourself to the professional world at times is a daunting task. Carol has a knack of pulling out the best of who you are and composing your path and potential (to any near future buyer) as something you can defend, expand upon, highlight and truly be satisfied that the “real you” showed up. Carol captures personality along with the facts in a way that tell a story. So here’s the ultimate question – do you view your profile as an investment? If the answer is “yes” then Carol is an immediate connection you need to make. It’s that simple.”

Petro Tsarehradsky, VP of Marketing | CMO | Cross-Functional Turn-Around Executive: Redirecting Businesses to Profitability

“Carol’s services go beyond improving your Profile Strength from Beginner to All-Star or increasing your profile views week over week. Carol quickly discerns the essence of your unique professional identity and, using her outstanding writing skills, helps tailor your LinkedIn profile to ensure that the presentation of your skills and expertise maximize your professional credibility. Carol is also an outstanding coach, always on the lookout for ways to help you to expand your professional network so that you can achieve your objectives. And, she’s really fun to work with.”

Elizabeth Wright, JD, Principal, Latitude Litigation. Helping law firms expand their reach.
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