What executives are saying about
Carol’s coaching:

“Carol Kaemmerer works tirelessly with executives as a truly committed on-going partner with the individual’s greatest professional needs at the forefront. Carol is solid and effective. Her expertise and calming confidence allow an individual’s personal presence to emerge authentically as an effective individual brand. Expressing one’s personal brand with authenticity is vital in today’s professional networks. She’s a delight to work with.”
Joe O’Brien, Restaurant Executive & Project Representative: Delivering all aspects of hospitality culture from concept to execution
“Carol was fantastic to work with in developing a profile that reflected my brand authentically and with power. In addition, she made great use of my keywords throughout my profile and used best practices to help my profile rank well on a keyword search. Finally, after she finished my profile, she continued to coach and assist me throughout my job search, suggesting articles, resources and enthusiastic encouragement. I can’t say enough good things about Carol. She is extremely credible and authentic.”

Tim Rongitsh, Senior Sales & Marketing: Leading effective teams | Building customer relationships | Driving record growth | Redirecting Businesses to Profitability
“Carol was a tremendous asset in helping me maximize my impact on LinkedIn. She worked with me on shaping and telling the story of my experience and skills in a way that appeals to both head and heart. Her work increased my profile views and gave me language I am using across multiple communications platforms. In addition she was great to work with. I would completely endorse her for maximizing your impact on LinkedIn.”
Chuck Williams, CW3 Consulting: Market Development, Commercial Acceleration and Strategic Facilitation to Grow Medical Technologies
“Carol was masterful in helping me create my impactful LinkedIn profile. Her skill in crafting my summary and descriptions and her assistance optimizing my profile positioned me well for my successful job search in early 2011.”
Ken Carrillo, Senior Process Engineer at Jedson Engineering