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I love to tell a good business story. I’ve been doing so in various ways most of my career. Since 2011, I’ve focused my marketing communications expertise on helping businesses and senior executives tell their stories with passion and authenticity.

My own passion — teaching executives how to own and control their personal brand — stems from my observation that as my talented, senior-level friends and colleagues approached mid-career, their concerns about job security intensified.

Many worried that if they lost their job they might never find their way back into the workforce.

Indeed, that was my own fear when I was separated from my stable working situation — new management at my steady business client of twenty years changed to a retained, single-vendor for all their marketing communications, laid off all their internal marketing communications staff, and stopped sending me projects.

During my own search for a way to use my communication talent in another venue, I learned that ranking highly on LinkedIn is not a matter of luck. I learned about the levers that control the search algorithm and discovered the strategies which, when executed with skill, resulted in my being found for other opportunities.

I helped many newly-unemployed friends get savvy about LinkedIn before I realized that executive LinkedIn coaching was my ideal next career. It combines my ability to understand and explain technology with my talent for telling business stories with authenticity, tact and power. And, it had the benefit of restoring my friends’ and clients’ confidence and sense of control.

I believe that your personal brand –well articulated on LinkedIn – is your best protection against business changes beyond your control. I’m excited to bring my LinkedIn expertise to a wider audience through my book, LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive, and through corporate training and speaking engagements.


Carol Kaemmerer


Carol is a Certified Virtual Presenter. Speakers who display the Certified Virtual Presenter badge on their website have been tested for:

  • Solid equipment setup with good microphones, cameras, and lighting
  • A presenting background environment free of noise and distraction
  • Internet connection speed and quality
  • Ability to recover from disconnection and return quickly to meeting
  • Good use of visual aids, and Q&A capabilities with the audience